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Rabu, 16 Desember 2009, 17:51:33
It is a beautiful place for spending time with family. Swimming pool, jogging track, and tennis court also available. Well known as one of popular destination in East Java, Selecta located in the slope between Mount Arjuna and Mount Welirang, exactly in Tulungrejo village, Batu administrative, arround 30 minutes from Malang or 2,5 hours from its province capital, Surabaya.

Nearest airport is Abdurrahman Saleh regional airport.

 Hotel di Batu
Purnama Hotel
Kusuma Agrowisata
Royal Orchids Garden
Kartika Wijaya
 Berita Batu
42 Murid SMAN 1 Kota Batu Kesurupan
Kodim 0818 Bedah 162 Unit Rumah
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